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About us

Our story

We all know how difficult it is to keep up with events: multiple venues, numerous platforms, some are not advertised. It is too much and no matter how "connected" you are, there is always that one single event that you missed out on.

That is why we built Ventee. Our platform reduces time discovering new events and minimizes the chance of missing out.

Ventee helps you find unique and memorable happenings.

How did we do it?

Ventee is an event discovery platform. We worked hard to collate event information and display it in the easiest way possible so that you don’t have to spend much time looking around:

  1. Start using our event collections and you won’t have to browse through a list of uninteresting events again!
  2. Select the weekend view to see the most relevant events for the upcoming weekend.
  3. Select the trending collection to access the most important events in the upcoming period.
  4. Otherwise just select your desired date (or date range) to obtain access to individualized results.

Ventee uses an automated semantic algorithm which extracts and evaluates every single event. We are able to classify each event and attach tags that make filtering even easier for you. We are connected to different platforms that guarantee a vast database of events which is continuously updated. This means that you will never have to miss another event ever again!

Ventee is a tool for creators. If you are an event creator you will have an amazing instrument at your disposal to create, manage and promote your events on our platform.

Do you have questions or improvement ideas? Let us know at

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