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Claron McFadden & Sven Ratzke

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15 May 2019

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Piet Heinkade 3
1019BR, Amsterdam
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Star soprano Claron McFadden and natural born entertainer Sven Ratzke take you with them to turbulent Berlin in the 1920s. ‘Wonderful theatrical performance’ (de Volkskrant).

Groschenblues takes place in a bizarre world full of tragic and sometimes comical characters including whores, circus artists and villains. In the middle of its all, Claron McFadden and Sven Ratzke rule the night, backed by top musicians such as Fay Lovsky. Inspired by Brecht and Weill they ignite the stage with the help of light and shadow, illusion and reality. Performance and cabaret fuse with show, opera, jazz and blues, into one exciting spectacle.

Claron McFadden, Sven Ratzke vocals, Florian Friedrich bass, Christian Pabst piano, Haye Jellema percussion, Fay Lovsky singing saw/theremin

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