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Opening Radical Cut-Up

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14 June 2018

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Lijnbaansgracht 234A
1017PH, Amsterdam
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The exhibition celebrates the cut-up or collage as a contemporary mode of creativity and a global model of cultural production today. It brings together artistic positions from a wide range of backgrounds that playfully explore the mixture and fusion of disparate existing materials and elements to produce new outcomes. Radical Cut-Up is a temporary Master Programme at Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam directed by Berlin-based curator Lukas Feireiss.

With contributions by: Adam Bletchly, Lou Buche, Daan Couzijn, Rebecca Eskilsson, Zsófia Kollár, Juliana Maurer, Wesley Mapes, Barnaby Monk, Fabian Reichle, Javier Rodriguez, Fenna Schilling, Farida Sedoc, Anthony Smyrski, Agustina Woodgate

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