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Phil’s Music Laboratory

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12 January 2019

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Piet Heinkade 3
1019BR, Amsterdam
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Richly varied music laboratory of pianist, composer and North Sea Jazz-laureate Philipp Rüttgers. ‘Rhythmic variations abound, new perspectives are opened, wonderful!’ (Jazz & Mo’).

Laboratory is an appropriate name for the seven-piece band of pianist Philipp Rüttgers, in which he produces a grand, colorful sound with a compact line-up. Philipp grew up in 1980s Berlin, a turbulent time that has shaped his critical view on today’s society. The emotions, the conflicting feelings and the hope that engage his generation are reflected in his compositions. Titles such as Rage, Ambiguous Times and Changing Landscapes characterize his recent album Repetitive Mind, which received positive reviews in the press. Philipp Rüttgers was honored with the composition assignment of the North Sea Jazz Festival, of which the result could be heard last year at the BIMHUIS. ‘Rüttgers fires up his modern jazz ensemble with countless rhythmic changes and melodic twists, without becoming too excessive. The music constantly changes, with a lively lyricism coming through in both the contemplative and the louder orchestral parts. Strong solos by the horn players, from thoughtful to explosive, affirm the well-rounded story and its various plot twists which conjure a wealth of emotions’ (Jazzenzo on Repetitive Mind).

Miguel Boelens altsax/sopranosax, Nils van Haften tenorsax/bass clarinet, Allison Philips trumpet, Kobi Arditi trombone, Philipp Rüttgers piano/composition, Tobias Nijboer bass, Felix Schlarmann drums

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